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[招聘贴] [招聘][深圳]Process Engineering Manager

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8 Z9 h$ p# X5 i% L- k深圳市快乐人生文化发展有限公司, o' t, X' D7 i2 `# e
3 J8 c  l3 A! m, R
& `; t6 k4 o, L( X(for serious applicant, pls provide two or three references for the past most relevant working experience: referer's name, title, working company, and cell number and email if any).
# R: S1 _7 Y: r8 R2 k# h; D; o3 P9 D1 `7 n
" j5 M+ [. u. D2 C# W9 N% f- ^- Define assembly and test process for new products and improve quality and reduce time for actual
& F# e( r% e" l& Z7 d
) H' Q& F; Y6 C" e* oProduct
3 w% O) K3 V, A7 c- New product introduction order to reduce time to market improve quality and reduce overall cost0 g- [: L7 ?' E$ o4 q/ j- k5 E3 ~
- define capital expense for new product and productivity: M) ]1 k+ M3 D
- project tools to assembly and to test (ICT and FVT)
, P2 l7 ]8 Y$ E6 S; J& S4 g- improve lean approach
9 _: S$ }# z0 ]. T6 [$ O- analyse and remove the bottle neck to production the device in request time and quantity) s" q( W9 |2 f+ |
- define strategy for maintenance equipments
* ]- P( a0 p; |& Q+ y' E$ `& v* @
/ b8 o* V  D* ~) _- release documentation for production line! r3 t3 A6 m' \& s# z  b, `: |* E6 n

; ]4 e  b& G/ {Connection7 A% Q, x. o5 u# R! Z5 `+ c

7 H' _+ v, }0 H% a& H- Work with R&D to acquire the test specification, and mechanical characteristic for new products& Z/ z2 ]8 [5 T, }/ u
- work with q.a. to improve quality process
- @( j: H: E7 X2 J- work with Supply chain to analyse the bottleneck
. f+ @0 g- I( p1 S4 U$ ]
! v: ?9 j: ]3 d8 E* Y- P- P- work with equipments Supplier to acquire the know how and benchmarking
0 f. [* E, d$ ]! A# {7 |  F" d
  }/ ?2 A" Q' QBack ground
, p, w) ~, L3 @- Base of electronic or electrotecnic engineer University degree: ]. J; b; P& x- C/ @
- experience like manager in R&D or P.E. office, or senior process engineer, or test engineer
! q# R  h' [& q1 v7 j
& a! B3 D8 ?$ u1 N8 B
5 L" L/ ~& `9 Z9 A. EKnow how" o  P$ J2 G9 [6 F/ s8 ~8 u/ x2 c$ D
- For FVT develop tester
9 _5 _6 E+ g) j  u" i7 X1 o0 _- LabVIEW software* I2 Y, x& e; K2 a9 g1 W
- Simple microprocessor programming (8bit)3 u% f. Z& \: C# s; [
- Experience of develop electronic digital cards" c9 N( i4 D" J! k3 F

% _9 ^2 Z( ^% F% }8 d6 l# W- Experience of develop electronic analogical cards" w$ u/ t. Q7 R+ B8 B; N9 U- |; |
- focus on video and audio signal measurements
$ i; @( f5 s" |% K- Power supply! {8 \& q" ]7 f) h7 q
- Base for contact in electronics cards0 H% `: R$ @; _4 L
- For P.E.1 k9 M! O) l) ~# y" m  r0 V. X
* a( a5 X+ d, S' u6 k
- know how for electronics assembly process.$ ?5 t' h7 }: T+ R2 @  }9 K
- step assembly process.3 u1 m* k5 d$ }
- quality aspect in electronic assembly and test" e+ C, ?8 _  |$ p% G$ d0 _8 H
- concept of lean production (kaizen approach)3 {) {6 ^! t6 d  B. ~
- For manager
% r" X; c5 k( J+ z
: O9 F1 \" l+ o% {& {; v$ C- problem solving
% q1 X8 h* L, q7 s5 s( i# q* ~- coherence with strategy defined0 h. q! Z% N# M
- Grow people know how
- h: y! P  p3 ?( B, p- fluent English/ e& W+ B4 ~/ C! t
' i$ V: j6 g0 ?, I" h/ j
1 O" _. t4 g$ U. D3 F/ }: Y
  z: x& [* S8 \1 f1 g' m7 C7 ~5 ]/ K
Training9 Q# Q; E# M" A5 g9 g
- 4 weeks training in Italy in Eng. Dept.(split in 2 times)
. A. y' e; J- q6 S4 \- in order to learn:
3 B( t& ^1 O; C: e- Test strategy for electronic device* {+ A# D" t6 o4 [! s# T) \; l
- FVT project and develop
7 {1 p# l1 _, h% w' g8 [4 O6 T- ICT strategy
: `' e% y/ g/ s. t5 w, g' j- AOI strategy
( e1 U$ u/ M* _. a/ S- improve and control performance in a electronic assembly and test production
" n6 [% ~0 V, Q/ H- B- key elements in electronic assembly
* A! R5 U% k: w( ^5 t3 ?( v- serigraphic, p&p oven, aoi ict fvt.
: ^5 K+ E* R9 K' j2 n- Follow one NPI in Erba, X- \9 x  O4 K/ q
- define spec with R&D+ O, g3 P9 m/ ?
- project and release a process. and relative documents for production
. f4 n) M0 x5 S* h- project fvt , ict, documentations
( [- x$ x4 g! s3 c2 f6 H8 f" i; _- eng. Know how./ M. Q4 o/ V8 t9 L$ z; a' C; B
- lab view, electronics, access, matrix one
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seems alright

i'm a PE for the moment ,but  to be honest ,i dont like the current position ,so boring.
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