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[共享贴] LSI 招聘- -Test Engineer

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LSI 上海研发中心火热招聘中,诸多职业发展机会等着您!欢迎有志之士加入!如有任何疑问,请发送邮件至Tracey.zheng或拨打电话021-24191709" p- O  G3 R3 c) a; [5 Y
有意者,请将简历发至 W+ r! ?2 _9 \! F3 @8 G

- z1 H! v' z# h& u/ o: F  ZLSI 招聘-Test Engineer
/ o& O9 q7 f% z& b/ Z1 ]# O, U, v! z; j  L: ?8 l; |
If you are interested in exploring a job opportunity with LSI please send me a copy of your resume to: Tracey.zheng@lsi.com1 B7 d- L5 a/ a: z; h
; p) b/ ]' e2 L  ]
Test Engineer( ^# A1 r$ @7 M& P* a7 u8 L
; Z' B% U3 S% ]) f6 }( D! n- To support prototype and production releases of new products. Manage debug of test
8 ~/ O0 N  N$ H" M, Zprogram and hardware and meet product release schedules.7 O/ }4 _. m2 j- x9 H
- Support test program development for implementing changes in new test methodologies
1 q, r+ t) Z: W: _4 |' Zfor test coverage improvement.
! R1 `6 X2 a+ S) u2 C) o( i- Pursue Design for Test initiatives to optimize testability and achieve test cost reduction via1 _% S4 f/ E' u* c+ b
test time reduction and multiple site test solutions for production release.+ ?  I2 m, @5 A0 {8 X
- Support test chip test development and characterization of new IP used in LSI products.
# p: O8 F9 t4 Y  \0 b, }. XPREFERRED EXPERIENCE:
2 J+ m# X& W; S- University graduate students with top scores in GPA9 x  c% K, i8 D# V& l* ^& Z/ C( ]
- Prior working experiences in the semiconductor industry field, specially in either IDM,, M) R# L" m3 r5 q3 r3 U
Fabless, or Foundry environment
, x9 j, l1 R* v$ U, w+ E9 g- ATE programming skills would be essential
! u' ^7 H8 Y: S, v5 Z8 E- t- C++ and/or Perl programming skills
5 U* |% c" Y6 O9 v2 U
# _+ ~1 |; Y2 H. a* d& x7 C$ n# U1 q5 s# @" S u7 \- M: C& ~, g! u5 Q7 N
0 r9 I6 f  }- xAbout LSI:
! c8 @+ A& w" x0 w( wLSI is known worldwide as a storage market leader across every market segment, from portable consumer electronics devices to personal computers to enterprise-class storage systems and networks. LSI is a $2.5B+, profitable, public Company with an employee base of 5,000 people and 25-plus years of history.

& [( g2 C7 ^- v5 B2 R6 D# m- g; S, [! Q; s* ~2 g. @& _0 c
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