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[机械制造测试] IEEE电子信息与控制工程国际会议接收中英文投稿(Ei检索),10月15日截稿CC

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! D6 s  L6 b( y  u& d International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering (ICEICE 2011)
( L0 W: l6 D& C% Y: TIEEE电子信息与控制工程国际会议征文(Ei检索)
+ Q4 R7 H3 e; w( A+ eCall for Papers
9 p  q. E2 T. d+ S 3 ]7 n8 w4 D1 p. R  g
Apr 15~17, 2011   Wuhan, China$ Z0 w( ~$ k! ]' T
============================================================================$ u+ n. r9 o$ M% R, u. i
This conference is sponsored by IEEE, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. All accepted papers
- h$ p8 x8 b0 d, X' _will be published by IEEE and indexed by Ei Compendex. ; X9 i3 Q4 g8 ]
会议接收中英文投稿,论文EI全文检索。& I6 A+ a& G  t
2 u8 S/ e; ~, N* Y& A' x
Topics include, but are not limited to:6 J/ ]1 t7 q3 _2 t: [- W9 T; J
﹡Micro-electronics and integrated-circuit technology(微电子和集成电路技术)
0 o! \5 h2 T- {" |" q﹡Instrument Science and Measurement Technology (仪器科学与测量技术)
/ Y; O6 ]. {( g. U0 G. H4 Y﹡Electric Information and Signal Processing (电子信息与信号处理)# A/ L! g2 O" ?6 {
﹡Control Engineering and Application(控制工程与应用)
$ j) v, \6 r4 r& y& q; D6 G- `' K% G" H0 u) n' M" L2 G
Submission Deadlines: Oct 15, 2010     截稿时间:2010年10月15日+ i6 X  C+ i) M) I$ y# t2 s
Acceptance Notification: Dec 15, 2010   录用通知:2010年12月15日0 h. k+ D% b* I# e( Q; S

* d/ \" y# I8 r9 @& {For , K7 L$ f" c- c6 e
more information, please
* |" {5 i& I1 o, P+ m                     
6 j4 p8 x# M! v7 S9 f- Z
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