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[招聘面试] 500强汽车电子公司招聘labwindows测试工程师(Labwindows CVI orTeststand.)

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本帖最后由 anniewu 于 2010-12-2 13:23 编辑 ! |5 n  N! I( x+ r, I) ?" Q
7 A! t  r" C- L7 ^+ f; c0 ~, v4 J+ b
上海某瑞典500强汽车电子公司招聘两名测试工程师,要求熟悉labwindows,熟悉ICT。2 J  K$ R  A7 m6 t* n; S0 T+ q) [( }
联系邮箱:wuxia876@126.com6 F1 M& n( }( G' B
' z+ n; R! X3 Y) f7 t联 系 人:annie% T: [1 u- n+ P! b5 C7 E1 g; |2 Y
QQ:4725196121 W* U( w6 ?% y4 p8 m% ?4 |
msn:wuxia-876@163.com9 ~  l! H( \# ]2 u  M
: ~9 d1 r+ P+ O5 s$ e/ m" V6 K: v
详细JD如下:7 h2 \5 p3 K: x
Main focus on Developing test programs for In-Circuit-Test and be involved in fixture design
& ], I9 T5 U7 J( p- ?) j? Analyze test results, statistical measurements, GR&R.
, T5 F* H# [. _" j? Support in production for test related issues.0 M* c3 n4 ]3 c6 U# x: [5 x, i
? Identify and run improvements projects within the area. Improvements such as quality and efficiency. 5 E- P. Q) Z" B. e4 t
? Be involved or lead projects together with other engineers in oversea Autoliv.
8 I) Z0 O$ W0 f, a* P* ~4 N' W? Develop test programs for electrical tests of electronic modules, programming in VB, Labwindows CVI and Teststand.( I. A! U" f+ Y
? Reporting performance to production/quality2 Y  z2 P% ^$ x) P7 V+ V
, m8 Z$ g" R: B$ F7 P
Test equipment:8 d! s& y6 Z/ S1 h, D
? ICT,  Main responsibility
' m( N0 v0 |; E? Functional test on board level
" E* v: _  B% }? Dynamic tests of electronic modules
* m* S: V5 P% c7 n% K9 M7 ~3 A? Final test; Z/ z. }4 ~0 p! A4 V

. }9 D8 _" G; S' A" D5 mLevel (diploma) required:
# o$ {- V, |' y" t6 ]7 e? College in Engineering.
+ K) |0 I; Q- n0 J& T, Y5 ZExperience: ' k0 ^( u2 P4 N# b
? Minium 3 years experience within test development in electronic production
3 J: D9 n2 `" U* Y, {? Experience to work with ICT, test software and fixture design, (preferred Aeroflex systems)
3 D6 p9 v' M3 R. C' h? SW programming. (Visual Basic, Labwindows CVI and Teststand) and PXI environment knowledge is a plus
* l9 L) h$ _9 m? Statistical knowledge, MSA
: P4 n6 z& ]4 D: z% E? Ability to achieve objectives with little direct support.
$ `6 H$ l4 V& \2 Z% WTechnical skills required:
6 }2 S$ y/ y6 a( M? Good knowledge and technical skills in hardware and software debug
6 f. l: J, ?. T2 j7 h( w- J? Good interpersonal skills, able to work with many levels of the organization  Y9 m9 x+ [6 Y- [3 {* e& w
Skills in relationship and management / leadership required: 4 v" H3 y' J3 c0 I) v
? Good management skills, able to run projects and work with suppliers
& ?: B! N1 |( J4 U6 r/ L6 l? Comfortable to work in team
' Q' ?. Y. C7 W0 s8 U3 ~Languages: . H; L8 R; {; {& H6 T9 C' |5 j* E
? Good reading and writting English.
) [& F6 B" y6 i( c: p4 L, G: o! B: O, ~4 L% Z! g( \

( H; k- x1 E7 e" Z  B0 Q! x
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回复 antaeus 的帖子1 t6 }0 y0 o" c- h
$ p6 [; U7 V* Y! S7 V5 I
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回复 labview15014079 的帖子
: b! z5 k8 y7 }; h
* M7 I$ B: E8 n+ D此乃技术型岗位,没有提成这一说,一年13薪,两个月奖金。要求么其实就是会labwindows或者teststand,做ICT在线测试就可以啦……两年经验就差不多可以啊
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CVI还不熟啊,labview,teststand 还可以,明年吧
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回复 jsyzljx 的帖子( C8 n6 i) I+ A% z& H5 Q
! j- E# f! V! ~
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