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[第三方工具包] easyGIO应用开发工具

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Reduce Your LabVIEW Development Time and Create Better GUIs
  • Easily access from the top-level LabVIEW Function and Control palettes and the Tools menu
  • Easy and intuitive to use; includes comprehensive help documentation and examples
  • Add sophisticated and specialized functionality to improve your LabVIEW applications
  • Cut your LabVIEW development time and reduce your block diagram complexity and size
  • Use advanced tools for rapid project and VI creation, documentation, and manipulation. b' o; E2 N8 f
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easyGIO is a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use functions, controls, dialogue windows, code snippets, templates, and development tools that have been designed for novice as well as experienced developers to reduce the time and effort required to develop better and more effective LabVIEW user interfaces and stand-alone applications.
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easyGIO features additional LabVIEW palettes that include standard and intermediate functions and controls as well as advanced tools such as alarm management, calibration management, user management, event logging, and application development. All VIs and tools feature help documentation and examples as well as an access panel for easy browsing. & O3 x5 }# _# u# d9 I$ {7 B6 ]5 s

* S5 J9 }, n$ R1 |& L: w1 lStandard functions include Array, Boolean, Comparison, Numeric, and String palettes.
# g8 n/ o! k- _. Q/ ~Intermediate functions include Control Properties, File I/O, Dialogues, Images & Vision, Instr I/O, Meas I/O, Picture Control, Report Gen, Security, Sig Proc, System, Timing, and User Interface palettes.
% D# C- K& j, X% ^/ k! @* x! r; _  E0 o, M8 \
Intermediate functions and advanced tools require a license stored in a hardware key to enable their functionality in the NI LabVIEW development environment - licensing and the hardware key are not required when VIs are compiled into executables.
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! X2 N+ {2 o/ v& l- q2 L( e0 INote: easyGIO is currently only supported on LabVIEW 2009. 6 X4 \* j% j: R9 Q/ H- u, y0 Z7 @7 e

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