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Measurement Studio 2010 SP1不支持Silverlight开发

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National Instruments\MeasurementStudioVS2010\Readme.htm

Some National Instruments components require Microsoft Silverlight 4.0. If you use a component that requires Silverlight, a dialog box prompts you to install Silverlight from the Internet. Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 is available from the Microsoft Web site at Measurement Studio does not contain Silverlight controls. ... ?requireLogin=False

While the next release of Measurement Studio will not include WPF or Silverlight support, our plan is to offer WPF and Silverlight controls similar to what we offer today for WindowsForms and WebForms. This support will not be available until sometime after the upcoming release of Measurement Studio.


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LabVIEW Web UI Builder就是基于Silverlight的采用LabVIEW实现的。

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察看( Web UI Builder中Demo的XAP文件,发现内部有好多

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ASP.NET Web Development

Measurement Studio provides a suite of ASP.NET Web controls designed specifically for use in Visual Studio, including the waveform graph, scatter graph, digital graph, complex graph, legend,
LED, slide, meter, gauge, knob, numeric edit, tank, switch, and thermometer controls. These controls, which are compatible with Microsoft ASP .NET AJAX technology, enable you to create
interactive and dynamic Web pages, ideal for remote monitoring and control applications. Measurement Studio also includes an autorefresh control to automatically update the values of your Web
controls. Since ASP.NET does not require any runtime engines on Web clients, your Web pages can be displayed from any browser or operating system.
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