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[求职招聘]SW Validation Engineer

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SW Validation Engineer (点击查看详情)) ?& s# Z; t% a  y! R' r
& v/ _& {1 i1 N6 E; n& o职位类别:汽车电子测试, a% y  i9 O6 [: J
' k; `1 a, L$ n" j6 g! I0 [) c8 ]) U; b联系人:人力资源部 2 l/ |4 l* y( F
+ C  T4 `% t5 N. F" N性别要求:不限9 g: R5 {8 ~% i. ^( P
% |7 R  z  h( y  F8 j9 c公司名称:马瑞利(中国)有限公司
1 r. P, G3 u; B. X7 s: l声明:(^_^)联系的时候告诉我是在测量与测试社区看到的这条消息( U1 g6 J4 r% p7 h

! g% s/ S* D* X7 k8 q5 L  h4 x- J职位描述:
, C7 m2 _, m3 T5 GResponsibilities:  z& q+ f+ L4 e* K! w# I; N# U# Z2 @% j
1. To perform the validation of common software modules related to the assigned projects
6 N  C6 Y1 y6 f0 E% f$ G2. To define and maintain the non regression software test methodology
& Y; a9 W7 i, ?+ K0 b3. To create and to maintain the database of software bugs and improvements
& [: f3 J! w! K# G4 k4. To respect the quality requirements and guidelines with strong focus on SPICE development process
' ]9 K8 O. P: c* m- ?# t/ q1 C5. To be part of the project team and responsible for software validation timing
9 r4 W& [  |- G( q. d) a6. To provide the needed support to Quality Dept for field or 0-km returned parts analysis/ L8 ^/ j2 ?' s  Z
7. To participates to the assigned ECU and TCU internal project meeting
' x% |6 l) c$ nQualifications:
  r$ J8 G; a! C- @+ `1. Knowledge about software tests tools and methodologies- [* P8 d$ R% G% j
2. Knowledge about quality methodologies/ C: c# G  F; t
3. Knowledge of machine language for test tools (C, C++, Phyton, LabView, TestStand)
2 T, `; X7 Z9 X. T4. Knowledge about validation test design and performance3 ~+ j6 z6 q5 {0 q6 k3 P
5. Laboratory tools and measurement capabilities and technicalities9 e' K8 `, t& v* z% x  r$ A' F% _
6. Knowledge about architecture and functionality of software simulation systems and Hardware In the Loop
) K: f7 r2 {/ A0 U( c7 a3 s7. Knowledge about software performances measurement' s; z; l( M0 L- m7 q5 G4 X
8. Knowledge about analog/logical electronics
0 M* i8 A* O/ p. F2 {( m4 n9. Knowledge about microcontrollers better if used in automotive environment (Freescale, ST and Infineon)2 Y! f0 J$ j6 G/ x
Capabilities & Desired Characteristics:
$ r* R, z, B; M1. Good knowledge of English
) s5 C( ]  i3 x' g6 |2. Ability to adapt to team work
& |$ n: R6 W9 H7 g
8 H, q& g- M% l) [公司网站:* K3 C2 G/ x1 p) r/ ]
地    址:上海浦东外高桥保税区泰谷路168号(近富特北路)
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