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软件工程师实习 (点击查看详情)+ t8 V! I% e; N+ K- l
薪资水平:2000-4000元9 {- |/ T2 g: y( n: m# t& T4 Q  g
职位类别:其它行业/ {/ J6 J! }) O8 q
# C9 S2 i1 g% b  y. n2 V联系人:人力资源部0 H# @/ {, @2 v# ~3 p& K
% `& R4 q* J& [" P( V工作时间:做二休一0 X' W6 l0 r  z1 a2 i+ ?' }
性别要求:不限6 J) ~8 u: [! y
学历要求:本科及以上1 Z3 ?' S: Q8 a! J3 Y
公司名称:美国国家仪器; `" G4 X" C2 Y% J+ k
8 I9 _# N' H  v8 s3 Q: J
* K/ T, S, S# C' EResponsibilities:
7 u! r( I# Z" H1.Carrying out steps in software life cycle including designing, coding, and testing
5 m  ]  _* v0 y7 Z7 `5 o- n2.Staying current with the state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology; applying the latest techniques in software projects
! ?8 l" y% O; I7 i& b2 `3.Diagnosing and debugging problems with your product  V! v! X( N. S: f8 R$ F( M" c
4.Writing and reviewing product documents for end users in English+ M6 J/ K4 E; _+ ~7 W5 D. W
1 p1 c) u5 K" K" X* \0 t2 M
Requirements:! i3 T6 ^/ p9 r: d, F

! S; D+ _8 V% H& b3 I* K1.Graduate or undergraduate students in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related
' u+ L' r4 Z6 f$ V$ ~2.Excellent grade in school( i2 o  O2 F5 I% |1 Q
3.Strong ability to solve problems
% R4 q4 d% n" k; n4.Thorough understanding of the following concepts and principles:: a+ H5 U' ~6 v% y5 R) O
5.Operating system components and design1 N# P" G* i) v  |% [& K; k
6.Computer system architecture and organization0 R& ~. Z+ w- r& i5 ^
7.Data structures
. @+ L* A0 H+ U8.Development methodologies including object-oriented analysis and design% s" K7 W% U) f/ U& u4 a* `
9.Qualities of persistence and initiative
# w! O2 m! M. i10.Good team work and understanding of communication) x  F; h- G' r' m2 m) d; F
11.Proficiency in both written and spoken English8 j7 q, J! c* X4 x! {$ V0 o/ S

% ]' `# W$ W2 Y9 }: w2 E! ~& C5 b
DSP软件实习工程师 (点击查看详情)7 h* T5 |; \. z- Y4 X  @
薪资水平:2000-4000元9 P; d3 P/ q2 |4 V, Z- t* r
. [, y9 ^) d6 p- ^  ~( }联系电话:021-50509800& T. j" v0 Q; |8 u4 r
  s& N2 s3 U* v. P" }" l# A$ a招聘人数:1
+ C. |5 F$ M& O* Y- A工作时间:做二休一
1 R6 p. j7 w  x- O* ~* v性别要求:不限" l# |. [% f. W
# [8 F7 w  T7 S, G9 G% y公司名称:美国国家仪器
, C7 ^6 r/ ~( i  L1 C1 v0 {声明:(^_^)联系的时候告诉我是在测量与测试社区看到的这条消息4 M' P6 O# e4 X" ^( y" p

$ K+ n+ u7 G& ^) B$ r$ ~Responsibilities:
; D: ~( R# V  y5 l4 V" ~
* A. h: e  m) r0 k6 ?8 p- Engaging in research and development of innovative and high quality signal processing, math, control & simulation, and biomedical products0 e3 S4 c7 |/ {5 o. W* j
8 n9 ^6 M3 R8 W
- Work with team to carry out and manage each step in the software life-cycle - requirements analysis, design, coding, testing
* X  @6 r& I8 k2 u' g+ X3 V6 ?# |  w" ^0 n# l& ]9 s  B
- Diagnosing and debugging problems with your product  k2 x4 G5 f8 Y7 g4 f+ _; O6 K

. T7 t2 G3 k& b, C8 Z, [
0 X6 b; b, b6 N4 u9 T
1 d# T& b" X; S6 o& gRequirements:
* L( J2 \5 J" P0 Z0 f* D) l( ^$ O$ R! D
- Solid academic background
3 X/ q$ m8 R3 s( g' `2 u- h6 R7 q: t; L2 |8 s
- Graduates in EE, CS or related majors
% o& A/ X8 ~$ N& v6 o* ~7 Q- a& ~: T' M
- Good team work and understanding of communication
- b& j: E" x, [/ F; |* u
& r: s3 u; k3 V/ h; G* |- Proficiency in written and spoken English
. o* K* C5 K" D4 b: a0 B: K" i" E& V1 {. g4 ?6 Z
- Good software programming skills, Q$ ~" I6 Q3 @* ]

' w6 R$ w9 ~8 o. V7 `1 ~; \ 5 M1 z$ j  ?. f
( w+ V1 x3 B8 V7 {& H3 i
Special expertise in one of the following fields will be a plus:
# J6 K7 D2 K' }* j5 ^- p6 M  F( J0 X, |1 [3 x: p9 G
- Numeric mathematics, general signal processing and control theory
- j$ [+ g3 A# P% f) b, G/ F, b9 G' J
- Electric power systems and automation, or related knowledge/experience
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