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软件工程师实习 (点击查看详情)- E' _& C) ?( @! x
5 |5 |/ f, E" E8 Y( H. e1 P职位类别:其它行业0 j" J; S+ b' ~7 n& M8 J
联系电话:021-50509800) f: L2 U! b# D
; E& t) d& a0 N$ a; X2 E' t3 |4 t招聘人数:1; l- \8 i& s% h; e5 c: T1 ~
( |6 q1 }8 ?( {5 Y: [+ K+ P% L性别要求:不限
& @% i8 B2 H. z0 q$ k学历要求:本科及以上
- B% A( n( ~" z  [) C( x9 \. d公司名称:美国国家仪器2 l! R3 M& M* k! Z8 d5 {+ E
/ S" q5 f. T. h% A2 u
. |7 V- C1 P4 B/ Y1 i, P4 b  kResponsibilities:8 F9 R! ?1 N+ c& k( M) Z
1.Carrying out steps in software life cycle including designing, coding, and testing& L* B0 [$ ^* b' G
2.Staying current with the state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology; applying the latest techniques in software projects
& Z# ]6 G: u# I# v0 m3.Diagnosing and debugging problems with your product3 i7 _, R( ]* K8 v; x- q' C) J3 e4 ^: M
4.Writing and reviewing product documents for end users in English* e) q$ I% L$ u- K/ R
6 w; M, {! ^% r+ c
+ r. b3 H6 [8 s& F# z3 F  X2 r2 S/ x) Y* I' t' j6 n
1.Graduate or undergraduate students in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related) ]; m5 q: \! _- G
2.Excellent grade in school4 b2 H% z! D+ E
3.Strong ability to solve problems
9 O1 X. C4 T. {  K' S$ J1 c4.Thorough understanding of the following concepts and principles:
7 V) ]; T7 M/ L, q( T& t; l/ K5.Operating system components and design
1 W# \# Y( h$ k6.Computer system architecture and organization
7 _% F9 _+ g0 |1 [$ ?  F0 t% D7.Data structures4 W* q, e: W" M/ U1 N0 p
8.Development methodologies including object-oriented analysis and design+ K. ~# T7 a# u5 v# ]; n! C/ s
9.Qualities of persistence and initiative# n, p; a3 q2 _
10.Good team work and understanding of communication
1 x# I* F0 C0 @/ N, \2 W11.Proficiency in both written and spoken English
" u3 T' N" o# D/ P1 ]" y6 U& }* U2 |" l7 ~8 Z( O# U/ V: Y
DSP软件实习工程师 (点击查看详情)
5 t: O; J+ Q' t7 L1 W薪资水平:2000-4000元
$ A3 s$ W" c% y' T2 p! u( B职位类别:其它行业
" g& ?7 C0 q( d0 e6 W联系电话:021-50509800
0 }9 I2 N/ h0 ^) \0 y8 _联系人:人力资源部% \& x/ T" m5 K: J4 U
% z2 M& W3 D$ ]工作时间:做二休一
, x$ K- E! w' R性别要求:不限
! F. u1 A1 ?% ?7 Z* f学历要求:本科及以上% \; w& s, ?- ], ?1 V
8 V. S$ u3 i( x0 I; o7 s声明:(^_^)联系的时候告诉我是在测量与测试社区看到的这条消息
7 V2 R$ Y6 O0 \4 S) |# n3 x% K
2 U# g. i  y+ PResponsibilities:; G& R3 g+ p/ r9 k& _. B) m
5 Y  x9 h6 V/ l7 N
- Engaging in research and development of innovative and high quality signal processing, math, control & simulation, and biomedical products
# t4 W: i! _) W- [) h
9 u6 {5 K5 D4 p+ K1 _- Work with team to carry out and manage each step in the software life-cycle - requirements analysis, design, coding, testing
. w8 n2 a, V/ r' [! X4 W6 d/ ~5 N: a) `( v+ I! l* m$ S- ~. u
- Diagnosing and debugging problems with your product8 `7 Q3 B1 v! c; G5 X0 n: D
$ I9 K! @0 Q- S; C: |- p

9 l! D1 e0 w- q/ b3 [- M, P8 Z) _( _7 M/ z# K( `
* @; C( X4 [; @# Z
. ^' Q+ x/ J: j) f9 w8 j) M9 F( r- Solid academic background
* j/ ^2 ?' ?6 Q/ `0 W+ ~- y0 j0 \" @$ i
- Graduates in EE, CS or related majors8 S9 ^4 X0 i3 s2 d  j, h

2 i( e' `* ?* N1 X  S- Good team work and understanding of communication7 n2 a, _$ T% w" z
9 o$ W/ I" s" F( Z( r0 R# N' [1 G
- Proficiency in written and spoken English2 @8 p4 Y- T- _* ^( ?5 M

% l* E# F6 J: D; q! G- Good software programming skills- Q& x: [3 y: _/ {

5 c) T! }* B+ W
9 k  O2 ^9 f- q( [- h6 H/ j4 [0 x- P" T$ u( G. N! r
Special expertise in one of the following fields will be a plus:& O) U1 {3 i0 M. H% F& N

: M- F+ [* K. L, B- Numeric mathematics, general signal processing and control theory; S8 c" ]6 C- u2 K
/ u& O  D& t3 B0 x& B( D
- Electric power systems and automation, or related knowledge/experience
软件技术员 (点击查看详情)
- l( s3 A, n) q! K' T. {8 ^薪资水平:12000-20000
$ S  Z2 q9 x  M# h5 t6 Y职位类别:其它行业
' v, m$ ]# ?% W, j/ Y4 w/ i/ f联系电话:021-50509800% m) a8 a  {- [1 X& O& h
联系人:人力资源部* x4 n5 f  ?  ~  y
1 b# j" i0 o2 s) m) E* J工作时间:做五休二
8 r0 X% a0 R0 {- K性别要求:不限" a6 N# N0 B" `; v# U* O; }' @8 e
学历要求:本科及以上- @1 ^2 e( l4 B: C
: r( |+ x: y9 ?4 T" w1 W1 S声明:(^_^)联系的时候告诉我是在测量与测试社区看到的这条消息
# S5 B0 i% I" n* n
) m* B- U; C) TThe Software Technician at National Instruments works closely with the R&D department to provide hardware and software maintenance, consultation, and recommendations about resources planning and development. Providing these services in an effective and efficient manner will ensure maximum access to and implementation of internal software services and resources.+ @9 Y* W( n7 A/ n3 ^7 h' `

+ E8 @# \* |. R; G/ p8 c
0 c& O3 B3 J% T7 [! S2 J# f1 d$ s( p0 f
          Responsibilities:9 e& I1 w/ f! Q$ T, u% L; Q
3 L% \2 i4 {- s; R

; }/ ^9 R6 C3 j" T! T  y# o6 y           1. Follow NI software release process to ensure the quality of NI Shanghai software products.
. B  p- g5 m: `# {  ^* N! P7 Q6 M8 D9 C' B/ h
           2. Ensure successful execution of manual and automated test runs per test plan0 T0 D, _; l1 W" r4 Y

% F- ?- {' z% c( g4 C- i/ H5 ^           3. Deploy and monitor automated tests; reproduce and identify test failures% H- u0 [  B. ^& |3 b

' }7 o9 [- R" ]2 z8 \1 B           4. Continually analyze test results and file bug reports for corrective action.
/ \* j! ^- x4 U* E% \4 g% I
5 C0 p: ]1 h; o% G' ?$ Y6 F" H5 A           5. Provide training and support on request about accessing software services and information.
, @5 w" B' d( X" P/ j/ P0 K4 c% B' y6 x- o& |( m
           6. Research and make recommendations about potential resources and services.* P4 {" w! }" @; ]
  \3 z% l& L1 ?& `. v

$ z: F& K# D3 Y# Q2 R! \% j1 `# l3 ?
4 S' v3 q7 t! m: o
8 g9 p9 o2 w" H6 K
Requirements:7 Q3 b; K# F9 O6 l
4 t0 d7 D4 y0 o( E, ]4 m
1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering-related major.4 s) }. t3 k; O% ^2 K( N3 |
9 ?* o; g+ Z0 O# z: F% V
2. Must be analytical, detail-oriented and highly organized., ?( }/ Q5 d8 o1 U

8 H9 h% t0 f) N0 w( C) P: {3. Familiar with setting up computers and able to read technical diagrams.2 K4 d( ^8 l0 S! h

8 H, n# z# ]0 ~9 H& O4 E. \4. Have positive and responsive attitude towards responsibilities.
5 Z: R4 z) c, g7 r: n+ U  c2 |$ L- a9 O7 _5 l( G. q+ J
5. Good communication skills for interacting with software engineers.
0 p) Z) q' O, P' N; u
: I  B) _, ?  ?5 q' b6. Understanding of programming concepts and strength in one or more programming languages are a plus.
内部销售代表 (点击查看详情), l# ~$ O) p$ b* O0 s( G+ t
# I7 x" |$ ?7 W! B# i" V! o( O职位类别:其它行业
; }2 f5 i  z% t4 u7 i$ Z5 i0 a联系电话:021-50509800
& Q( Y: J8 O! n# F3 |) l* f2 Z联系人:人力资源部4 Q: r1 a" d7 H9 ^4 ]$ B
$ x: S1 X' |5 |& Y6 t0 R/ G' _工作时间:做五休二/ S8 d: h- `! j
/ }3 I- g# G/ }学历要求:本科及以上# W; E: u& p6 H0 u
公司名称:美国国家仪器) T  W2 n" Z% t/ P
4 i$ _  u' A# A, q6 |8 e6 U4 d4 F0 ]1 A, S/ n' C
Working experience: No requirement
1 ^! t4 @* @8 U) d% h7 G9 N3 q& F; u6 o" E1 }

0 d+ H& M  x/ R' y. F+ S& K  B7 \3 v* R) O
Working Place:+ o8 ]$ f) g. Q8 s  G/ y
8 ?5 _7 F" `  I. h& ]
Full Time: In Guangzhou8 ~0 E& {, C9 w0 k* t' K( }) C' V

% j; K# v6 _5 M1 Z: Q! `Residence: No requirement# k5 ]1 N  h4 k

6 j/ ^; U$ }% `7 _! ?5 p
3 K* j6 l4 `$ J! w5 r! R: [Responsibilities:
  F7 a7 H- H6 k# Y
) b8 d; Z$ K) V" k- Find out sales opportunity from NI prospects via phone: J$ y8 c2 k+ A6 u7 g
& _0 h4 j# Z) z7 _  t
- Offer product consultation and configure test system for customer; Z! |" z' N  w$ A
+ M' W1 f2 j0 v/ I( T: {
- Maintain NI's mature customer and sales channel
/ u, |6 X- _, J) L& n1 E2 T
; k) p+ d2 j* O" X5 i9 r- Cooperate with field sales and other sales forces to meet territory sales quota1 Y/ S' Y: `, E' w( y2 ]: k

5 R% l( X' V2 W4 |2 j$ O5 H # l; A$ m1 T1 f1 f
0 K' w2 ?  p  O: t0 s
' F& G+ }7 B8 j- r# p  |0 q" l) i4 [! {: e
- Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering, Automation, Instruments or other relative major
( \( Q' K0 i; ~4 s
( z7 ^( a" v- A. m5 Z% v+ ^9 p$ Z: W* a- Good spoken Mandarin communication skills7 z2 Q. B. Q$ y8 ^& k

# t$ f: X7 O6 z5 k# b0 i$ m9 L& u- Proficiency in oral & written English and computer skills
3 I  S: b: v9 N* ]! z! L- W! K) [. S# F: `% H/ x. a- p, M( Q
- Outgoing, confident, patient personality and customer friendly attitude# \7 u6 J! z# c9 u
" V- e1 @* J( H$ j9 u' w
- Desire for a long-term career in sales- Act as a good team player is required- Work in the office
内部销售代表 (点击查看详情)$ X  l2 M! L% c0 B& {* c1 T
" Z4 Z- o+ j( `% p5 E' _7 g- L职位类别:其它行业
! w( V" u; G+ B$ U1 k7 h  u3 ^联系电话:021-50509800+ v2 y: E# L  ~8 `# x: n- A2 }$ h( W
( p. k" @6 ~% t* e% t0 {) K招聘人数:2. I: g  Y8 y2 D# l) Q8 G5 \& N# {
. X7 G% D) k5 I! D9 I2 Q" b性别要求:不限$ p7 X7 F/ Y# U, ^
* j2 e( \& }, [3 ^, V公司名称:美国国家仪器0 ]5 _- y+ n, K5 s- W8 D; J
声明:(^_^)联系的时候告诉我是在测量与测试社区看到的这条消息! [8 h6 W/ I8 O9 N9 E  p

0 M) t2 H* J% ^1 ZWorking experience: No requirement
4 d9 Q, P) X. H# Z5 L- {% X8 `+ N, P, r) u2 ]8 a
, T% w9 n# H# A; W& A% @, F' T( L
9 k. Y; I& Z5 t6 b
Working Place:: _- v: t6 Z( r7 W# ^& z0 R" _2 M

) K1 K) v$ C4 s/ ?+ JProbation Period: In Shanghai
' e$ w1 J( b0 x8 q9 O+ a& f
* D9 q+ F- E3 G; e: e, M( X' w! sFull Time: In Shanghai
4 ?, \* L" A/ Q1 s3 F0 G4 K* f2 ^$ X- E+ T
Residence: No requirement
) N- H# I; j1 P' e% f  X2 m% X; Y4 q" Q# @  |* H, ~+ d6 ~
" C: [+ v9 F& i6 S' }, {
+ Q) }  z7 H" I0 Y
' Q% u, M1 U- h# z% d- ^- Find out sales opportunity from NI prospects via phone
: C2 H3 W  G3 f
  W8 V: \3 `, I* L* ?- Offer product consultation and configure test system for customer
# i" B) v, w) n$ }, \8 u; b. e# r9 i/ R  v" d( [& _
- Maintain NI's mature customer and sales channel
/ H0 ]2 h' _* X8 ?* }
; J& h( c6 C( n* h4 ?& a3 k1 x; R- Cooperate with field sales and other sales forces to meet territory sales quota
- z: s+ {9 |) h, P2 ]% e. k/ g9 ^3 U; S& y/ L2 Y& U. w1 z
7 p0 j8 I8 r/ c+ L
: M; A. p, m5 w/ R6 H
Requirements:2 E( j) }/ ~' H- r7 G9 R
" f, b8 a7 o3 u0 E7 e
- Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering, Automation, Instruments or other relative major
# ]! v2 d5 n( D+ s
) E! t9 K$ H# I" Z3 |- Good spoken Mandarin communication skills6 |! P  U0 Y% ~1 n' O& ~& S

! p/ t. w. B) ^" |8 m- Proficiency in oral & written English and computer skills
3 E* p% y8 q0 x3 T8 p3 {
; o& t% f8 f  H- Outgoing, confident, patient personality and customer friendly attitude9 N* ], v  V+ E2 Q* V+ }8 h6 d
9 @, l; T8 @( b  F+ g" ?$ I
- Desire for a long-term career in sales- Act as a good team player is required- Work in the office
市场部数据录入实习生 (点击查看详情)8 l! t/ N- t( S" r
% T0 h# o/ b$ a# D& V职位类别:其它行业7 e5 Q1 E6 T5 I1 e& E" O
- `3 H4 |! u5 {$ i" R3 W( r8 C联系人:人力资源部6 T- g. r$ D. A* h
招聘人数:2. `/ p$ i6 ]; C! U4 Z* _  z
工作时间:做一休一' _( Z9 M- q, W8 D0 a9 s. G' h
( s( J. H. t) w. {% r8 S' C学历要求:本科及以上
$ h4 ?8 L4 ~! K% `1 w- V公司名称:美国国家仪器
# i$ `: L, j  C4 H2 @" Y% W: N, Q声明:(^_^)联系的时候告诉我是在测量与测试社区看到的这条消息7 R/ ?0 i: z" g9 |1 Q; D% C  ~! Z
7 ~) I$ u, ]+ l$ I6 p3 x' |1 Y
& P$ Z5 h( i* q! R- q( R7 B! C5 A- 录入客户咨询表,电子数据到公司系统中,并确保数据输入无误! S, h; A( {  |& C- g5 C
- 能分析每一条数据的潜在需求,并根据需求录入
8 U* b& C- K4 \& D8 ~# a8 E- 协同部门进行客户资料管理
- i" b( v0 c4 q- 积极完成市场部交给的其他任务,并根据需要主动配合各个Team开展工作
% k2 F2 j' G8 Y" @' \5 }" C" t: y! p/ E% G4 \9 m9 a3 G1 i
( C1 m) D" b5 F% H$ }

. E% |+ h2 b! R& p任职资格:
# z, M7 w7 j3 R& M- 专科以上在校生7 n$ {4 x( f( b% u/ e
- 认真负责,耐心细致
. u- O' N0 ?. g, N+ d6 J! k) P- 有一定的时间管理能力+ O+ L0 X; X* A! I
- 对于数字良好的洞察力及敏锐感
  A1 {) `4 h3 y3 ?- 能至少工作半年以上,每周至少来三天
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